Al Said Superyacht Specifications

Al Said Superyacht Specifications

155 Mt 508 Feet It was built by Lürrsen in 2007. AL SAID superyacht is the sixth largest mega yacht in the world at 508 feet long. its production was started by Lürssen in 2007 and it was planned to look like an ordinary passenger ship. The ship is approximately 79 feet long at its widest point. It is operated by the Sultan of Oman and has a capacity of 70 passengers and 154 trained crew. The ship has six decks and a concert hall that can accommodate an orchestra of 50 personalities.

It is one of the largest super yachts in the world . In particular, it is measured by volume. The yacht can accommodate 70 guests and 174 crew members.

Where Is the Yacht Located?

Royal Yacht Al Said is mostly located in Sultan Qaboos Harbor. The port is very close to Muscat. He is accompanied by the Omani Navy while traveling.

The sultan had 8 palaces and three luxury yachts. Al Said, Fulk al Salamah and Loalat al Behar. Loaloat Al Behar was actually the previous Al Said. It was given to the Ministry of Tourism of Oman. She was rearranged and repainted.

Al Said Superyacht Video

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