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Conor McGregor Yacht Price And Specifications

If you’ve ever looked at a Lamborghini and decided that it would be better as a boat, then you’re in luck
Meet Tecnomar for the Lamborghini 63, a joint project of Automobili Lamborghini and yacht operator The Italian Sea Group. According to a company press release, the yacht, produced in a border figure inspired by the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 hypercar, was named the year of Lamborghini’s foundation in 1963.

Conor McGregor’s Yacht Price

UFC Champion Conor McGregor Has Bought a Lamborghini Yacht For $ 3.4 Million.

Only 63 people can own this $3.4 million Lamborghini yacht, and UFC champion Conor McGregor is one of them.
• Automobili Lamborghini collaborated with the Italian Marine Group to create the Tecnomar for the Lamborghini 63.
• A yacht with 4,000 horse effort powered by two V12 engines.
• it will be a property for 3 million euros or approximately 3.4 million dollars and is bordered by 63 examples.
• UFC champion Conor McGregor bought one late last year.

Conor McGregor Yacht Specifications

Tecnomar’s carbon fiber construction allows the yacht to enter the “ultralight” boat classification. it weighs 24 tons, is 63 feet long, and is powered by two V12 engines, each producing 2,000 horsepower.
The McGregor yacht is priced at 3 million euros, or about $ 3.4 million. As of this year, only 63 samples will be made and available for sale.

The most recent Fighting Championship champion, Conor McGregor, bought one last year, only 12th out of 63, TMZ reports. he reported that he had secured his sample. For the launch, he said that it would be ready for him by the summer of 2021. Keep scrolling to see McGregor newly purchased yacht.

For the Lamborghini Dec 63, Tecnomar represents a collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group. UFC champion Conor McGregor is only 12th out of 63, according to TMZ. he bought his example. it will be ready for him in the summer of 2021.

The “63” in the name refers to the year Lamborghini was founded, 1963. Powered by two V12 engines, the yacht produces a claimed combined effort of 4,000 horse exertions. The yacht’s exterior design aims to keep the aesthetics of the Lamborghini Miura and Countach from the 1960s and 1970s.

Conor McGregor Inside The Yacht Photos

Conor McGregor inside the yacht

Conor McGregor Yacht Video

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