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Jordan Belfort Yacht Spec And Interior Design

Jordan Belfort Yacht was originally built for a French businessperson under the name Mathilde. However, when he started to give up the yacht, he caught the eye of Coco Chanel instead. She became a legendary Yacht with a narrow beam, a high bow, and a long, low superstructure typical of Dutch yachts of her time.

At the same time, it was very equipped with five staterooms with dark teak trim, legendary dining facilities, room for large gatherings and parties, and later a helipad. He was often seen off the coast of Florida and attracted the attention of a young captain.

Jordan Belfort Yacht Spec

Coco Chanel was outspoken about everything, but yachting attracted her anger and stress. He once said, “As soon as you set foot on a yacht, you belong not to yourself, but a man, and you die of boredom.” It was built by the Dutch master Witsen & Vis of Alkmaar, 37m with a steel hull. The yacht passed through many hands and finally, in 1996, the Wolf of Wall Street became owned by Jordan Belfort.

As the film The Wolf of Wall Street shows, the superyacht Nadine sank off the coast of Sardinia in 1997 as many were struggling with the so-called ‘storm of the century. Jordan Belfort described the incident in detail in his memoir about his life in the 90s, which is the subject of a Martin Scorsese film. It is worth remembering that the 37-meter yacht has a very long and interesting history. Before reaching Jordan Belfort Yacht (played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film), she had carried celebrities such as Coco Chanel and had become one of the largest yachts in the waters of the East Coast.

The yacht was originally going to be built for a French native named Matilda, but he reneged on the deal. This circumstance led to the fact that Coco Chanel bought the beautiful yacht with a low superstructure, for which the Dutch yacht are famous. The yacht received different names when passing through famous hands. Belfort named the yacht after his wife and renovated the yacht with the capacity to carry a helicopter, 6 Jetskis, 4 motorcycles, and much more. The yacht, owned by Belfort, witnessed dozens of crazy parties, like unlimited glamor and fun in one package, until it unexpectedly suffered a disaster.

Jordan Belfort’s İnterior Design

The cunning of the entrepreneur and at the same time speaker Jordan Belfort is recognized by everyone thanks to his detailed memoirs and the popular film adapted from some episodes of his life. he spent 2 years in prison, and now he is 59 years old, and he has an almost negative net worth. Nevertheless, his outstanding motivational speaking skills continue to attract and inspire people even today.

Jordan Belfort Yacht Photos

Jordan Belfort Yacht

Jordan Belfort Yacht Video

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