Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Inside, and features

Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Inside And Features

it was built by Helsingor Vaerft in 1984. 147 Mt. (482 Feet) the 147-meter PRINCE ABDULAZIZ motor yacht was designed by Helsingor Vaerft and delivered in 1984. For many years, she was the largest-sized yacht in the world in terms of length and height. It is one of the royal yachts of the Saudi royal family and was originally owned by King Fahd. Although it was designed by the late David Nightingale Hicks guys, there are no photographs of the interior. But we know it can be as luxurious as tremendous.

Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Owner

One of the yachts of the Saudi Royal Family, Prince Abdulaziz, is used for official business, as well as for entertainment purposes. It only took 15 months to complete the inner, okay I’m. The yacht, which was originally built for the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, carrying the advert of his son, now belongs to his brother Abdullah.

Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Inside

This mega yacht also has an interior design by British interior designer and designer David Hicks, who variously uses bold colors, lighting, and a combination of contemporary and ordinary features.

Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Interior Photos

Prince Abdulaziz Yacht Video

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